My father always taught me to measure twice and cut once. [Thanks dad, for the timeless advice that relates to so much more than just the cutting of materials!]

When building a quality home the intent is a final result that our clients love and can stand the test of time. Carpentry is a major component of this goal, both in the bones of the home as well as the decorative trim details.

The top three “rules” of good carpentry as described by Kyle Innis, our Project Manager and trim carpentry guru:

1. Square, Level, Plumb – The end result benefits from a good start. Check all variables, come up with a complete plan before the first board is cut, set up efficient work processes, and control humidity during construction.

2. Plan Ahead – Create a game plan so that the house feels unified, fixtures can be centered and located with intentionality, materials can match, etc. Every piece of trim is the part of a larger “whole” – boards should line up and be scaled to support the intent of the final design.

3. Tradition – Carpentry has deep roots in practical tradition. Using quality methods and materials is timeless and authentic. This standard ends up costing less than spending extra labor and time compensating for low quality materials.

It takes many parts and pieces to complete a custom home build. Skilled tradesman and knowledgeable project managers are essential to a quality finished product. Don’t settle for any less when it comes to your dream home.

Article Written by Jennifer Scott

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