Imagine the planning phase has begun for your custom home build or renovation, and you are making a wish list of possibilities. Perhaps this list includes a spacious pantry, a room dedicated to physical fitness, or an area to keep your wine collection. This blog is for our wine connoisseurs. We will feature three stunning rooms created for our homeowners throughout the years, and hopefully provide you with inspiration along the way.

First things first, will the space need to be cooled or do you prefer that it is room temperature? This will determine what needs to be integrated into the design and where the room can reside in relation to the rest of the home. Often additional space is necessary to conceal the mechanical unit required for this function and can alter the initial square footage calculation. Knowing this ahead of time can save money and avoid regret along the way.

Modern Mountain Retreat

Our first example has a clean, minimalist feel. Utilizing wine pegs installed onto the walls, the bottles are displayed in a horizontal orientation creating a targeted aesthetic that is simple, yet stunning. The light-colored walls allow a stark contrast against the wine and elevates the tidy arrangement of this collection. The door to the room mimics the other interior doors of the home but features glass panels to allow a visual pathway into the space. A solid glass panel around the corner into the hallway leading to the guest suites also allows light from the wine room to illuminate the corridor. The simplicity of this design makes easy work of identifying each bottle when it is time to enjoy a drink.

Briarwood Traditional

Next on the list is an old-world inspired wine room, designed to embrace the essence of an underground cellar. Dark stained wood wine racking boasts a handsome aesthetic that is perfectly complimented by authentic stone cladding on the entry wall. Integrated lighting helps to display the bottles in various forms of storage and creates a speakeasy ambiance. Stained concrete floors embellish the aged feel of the space and make for easy cleanup, should a slip of the hand occur. Blackened steel doors were custom designed to include the eased arch detail in the masonry wall. Finally, faux finished walls and ceilings are featured in the tasting room leading into the cooled storage area, further highlighting a subterranean feel. The use of raw materials in this space creates a sense of industrial sophistication and is reminiscent of the architecture from years gone by.

Modern Riverbend Retreat

Designed to be a visual stunner, our final wine room embraces all things modern. From its rectangular glass corner façade to the rift sawn wood details, this sleek space screams chic sophistication. Located adjacent to an equally impressive custom wet bar, this display of spirits functions both as upscale storage as well as an architectural feature element for the lower-level recreation area. Stained concrete floors make another appearance here, echoing the industrial aesthetic of the home. Some other notable attention to detail includes a slim tasting-table peninsula, HVAC grill slits routed into the wood ceiling, and illuminated shelving to display various chalices for savoring the room’s primary content.


A well-done wine room can elevate your home’s overall luxury prominence. Proper planning and strategic alliances with quality tradespeople are mandatory to finish with a product that will stand the test of time and gratify undoubtedly the most important quality control standard – your complete satisfaction!

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