Hailing from California Sonoma Tilemakers is manufactured in the US but the
inspiration for their tile spans the globe. This handmade product is noteworthy
for many reasons: Their wide color ranges, vast selection of patterns and sizes,
and the fact that they are a reputable company who boasts long standing employees.

This tag line featured on the Sonoma website sums up their mission statement nicely:

Sonoma Astoria Flute Herringbone in Sidecar Silk
Sonoma Astoria Flute Herringbone in Sidecar Silk
Sonoma Dakota 2 x 8 1/2 in Tides

Crossville Studios Asheville sales person Kelley Brunelle is my go-to consultant
when selecting tile. Her eye for design as well as extensive product knowledge
makes the process easy and enjoyable.

Kelley answered a few questions to help introduce herself
and to brag on Sonoma Tilemakers:

Q: Which product would you like to see us feature on the blog?
A: Sonoma Tilemakers!

Q: What sets this product apart from the others?
A. Handmade in the US. Amazing factory. The owners are genuine.
They love to create beautiful tile. Longevity of employees, many have
over 20 years with Sonoma.

Q. How did you become involved with Crossville Studios?
A. I started in the flooring industry 21 years ago by chance.
A family I had known from church had a flooring store. When
they approached me about coming to work for them I had never
bought any flooring except “peel & stick” vinyl tiles. I had a lot to
learn and before I knew it 14 years had gone by. I learned about
all types of flooring during this time. A friend of mine started
working at Crossville and convinced me to join the team. It’s
hard to believe that was 7 years ago!

Q. What is the craziest thing to happen at an appointment?
A. I went through an entire selection appointment with a builder
and his clients not knowing that the client was a member of a
world famous rock band!

Sonoma Stellar 2 x 8 in Wedgewood Glossy Crackle in our Granite Peak custom home in Asheville.

Tile is beautiful jewelry for your custom home. From everyday simplicity to show-stopping
impact tile is a great way to showcase your personality and personal style.

Visit www.sonomatilemakers.com to learn more about this impressive
company and the beautiful products they offer!

Article written by Jennifer Scott

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