Building a house is a process. It consists of various phases encompassing numerous procedures performed by many different people. Through the years we have used experience and lessons learned to developed some of these procedures which we consider standards in our process. This blog will highlight a feature component of our plumbing rough-in phase.

Showers are a great area to get creative. Tile options, patterns, and colors are seemingly endless. When it comes to the finished product it is imperative that we plan ahead for a successfully polished and functional space. One of the ways we do this is by selecting plumbing fixtures and tile in the early phases of building. It may seem premature to source tile before we have focused on larger selections such as wood floor finish and cabinet colors, but it is for good reason.

One of our standard procedures is to align the plumbing fixtures in a manner that is organized and tidy as well as to allow for maximum function. This is not always an easy task and can take some creative problem solving to achieve. Knowing the exact dimensions of where the rough in valves should be placed inside of the stud wall is a tedious undertaking.

Here we utilized the space we had to incorporate two niches in the master shower while still allowing the shower head, diverters, and pressure valve to align.

In the instance above we were working with small scale 3 x 6 tile. In some cases a larger scale tile is selected and we are able to center the fixtures on grout lines. This cannot be achieved until the size and layout of the tile is determined.

This careful attention to detail results in an “anything but builder grade” finished look that sets a luxury custom home apart from the rest. Is this more time consuming? More difficult? More work? Absolutely. However, we believe our homeowners are worth it.

Article written by
Jennifer Scott

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