In 1978, brothers Benson and Harrison Tyner owned and operated a deli and ice cream parlor in Burnsville, NC. They did a few real estate transactions on the side… and then a few more... and slowly, their focus shifted from ice cream and pastrami to real estate.

Tyner Real Estate did well, and the brothers soon expanded into remodeling. They undertook their first remodeling job in 1979 (using empty pickle buckets from the deli to haul the dirt they dug out of the crawl space.) It soon became obvious, however, that the local real estate market couldn’t supply what many of their clients were looking for. Before long, the Tyner brothers were building customized buildings and homes for those clients.

The Tyners quickly became known for their work ethic, eye for detail, and uncompromising honesty. As their reputation grew, they were commissioned to build multiple doctor and dental offices in Asheville and throughout the region. Soon they were building new homes for those doctors and dentists, too.

Today, Tyner Construction is one of the most respected and sought after custom home builders in the Carolinas. Harrison and Benson Tyner have been joined by Martha Tyner, Marc Tyner, and a core group of managers and craftsmen who have been with the company for over 20 years. Tyner has offices in Burnsville and Asheville and builds new custom homes throughout the area’s most beautiful resort communities and private land tracts, on mountainsides and lakesides, in the cultural mecca of Asheville, NC, and in the lush forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains.